Our grooming services are temporarily unavailable. We still offer baths and nail trims. Call for more information.

Our lobby will reopen on 4/4 after restoration! All pet parents are welcomed inside for their appointments.

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Due to CDC and government guidelines, all grooming shops are needing to temporarily close and therefore our grooming department is needing to abide by these guidelines as well.  We will be re-opening the grooming department as soon as we are allowed and able.

We know that this is a huge inconvenience as maintaining your pet's skin and hair conditions is important.  Dee Ann wanted to give you some home grooming tips in order to help maintain their skin and coat during this period:

  • She recommends brushing your pet 2-3 times per week. 
  • She does not recommend over-bathing as it will cause more mats if not blown out properly. 
  • A quick 5 min walk daily will help control nail growth.  
  • For longer haired dogs like shih-tzus, Lhasas, golden retrievers, collies, border collies, huskies, long-haired cats, great pyranese and doodles, Dee Ann recommends using a long metal grooming comb to help comb out the undercoats (do not use the Ferminator for these breeds as it can damage the hair). 
  • She also recommends a "slicker" brush for general brushing to help prevent knots. 
  • The "Ferminator" brush can be used to help release the undercoat of short-haired dogs (labs, pugs, terriers, short-haired cats) ONLY. Supplies are pretty inexpensive on Amazon.

We are keeping the daily scheduled appointments in order so that when we are able to re-open the grooming department, we will contact you in the same scheduled order to get your fur baby scheduled as soon as possible.  If you do not have a current appointment, but would like to be added to our waiting list, then please contact us.

Dee Ann also wants you to know that she will be thinking of and missing all your pets more than you know!

Of course, please reach out to us at 512-331-8555 with any further questions or concerns. 

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